Detection of Antimicrobial Drug Residues in Raw Cow Milk samples in Logar and Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan


Mohammad Arif Noori
Abdul Saleem Jamily
Sayeed Qadir Danishiar
Sayed Ali Askar Musavi


Background: Nowadays, various types of antibiotics are being used worldwide in the veterinary sector particularly, for the promotion of growth and treatment of livestock. Significant portions of antibiotics are released through the milk of dairy animals inviolate and exert serious harmful effects on human health. Milk that utilizes by human consumption should also comply with safety criteria regarding antibiotic residues. The objective of this study was to determine the level of antibiotic residues in raw milk conferred by the milk producer’s cooperatives of Logar and Maidan Wardak provinces to Guzargah dairy union for further processing and distribution.
Materials and Methods: In this research 110, raw cow milk samples for a one-year period were collected and analyzed (n=110). 55 samples were collected from Logar province and 55 samples were collected from Maidan Wardak province. Milk samples were tested by Betastar Combo Test Kit. All samples considering the laboratory procedures were transported to the laboratory and tested for the presence of Tetracycline and Beta lactams as these antibiotics are widely used for the treatment of bovine mastitis.
Finding: Out of 110 milk samples, 12 samples were positive for the presence of Tetracycline residues and 7 samples were positive for the presence of Beta lactams. For further accuracy of the result, all the positive samples were tested by Microbial Inhibition Assay (MIA), and the same result is obtained.
Conclusion: The study results show and indicate that antibiotic residues are present in the samples which paves the way for the contamination of human food chains. Considering that milk is mostly consumed by the elderly and kids, hence, it can be the main concern for public health.


Cow, Milk, Antibiotic residues


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Noori, M. A., Jamily, A. S., Danishiar, S. Q. ., & Musavi, S. A. A. (2023). Detection of Antimicrobial Drug Residues in Raw Cow Milk samples in Logar and Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan. NUIJB, 2(04), 62–69. Retrieved from


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