Q: I want to publish my research paper. How can I start the process at NUIJB?
Manuscripts should be submitted to the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF with Email or online submission Gateway. Submission has to be in accordance with AUTHOR GUIDELINE, COVER LETER and  COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT forms are also mandatory to be submitted. 

Q: How do I submit my manuscript to NUIJB Journal?
Authors are encouraging to submit their Manuscripts electronically into the ‘Journal Editor-in-Chief Panel‘ or via email as an attachment.

Q: Do I have to format my paper according to journal style for review?
Yes, NUIJB article submission format (as described in Author’s Guideline) is required for submission, acceptance and review. See the author guideline of NUIJB for submission of a paper.

Q: Is Copyright Agreement form necessary for paper submission?
Yes, scanned copy of filled copyright agreement form is mandatory with paper submission. Author must submit ‘Copyright agreement form’ along with the article to the Editor-in-Chief.

Q: Is COVER LETTER necessary for paper submission?
 Yes, COVER LETTER is mandatory with paper submission.

Q: When will I get the acceptance letter, if my paper is accepted?
Acceptance letter is provided after the confirmation of the fee submission. It takes maximum 24-48 hours after publication fee is paid.

Q: I have submitted my paper with email and did not get the tracking number.
For email submission author can get their manuscript tracking number after 24 hours of paper submission.

Q: How many days are required for review process to complete?
Total time require for peer review process is approximately 30 to 45 days. It depends on manuscript, reviewers’ availability & terms of the journal.

Q: My paper has been accepted for publication. When do I pay Article Publication fee?
Article Publication fee will have to be paid after the manuscript has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. The corresponding author will be responsible for arranging the payments.

Q: Is publication charge required for my research paper publish?
Yes, processing charge is necessary for publication. Publication fees is required after acceptance of research paper.

  • Afghan Researchers: 50 USD
  • International Researchers: 100 USD

Q: After submitting a research paper, how much time does it take to publish?
After successful submission of a paper, it will take at least 30 to 45 days for review process to complete. After acceptance and review, author is requested to send payment of publication fee, proof, and corrected copy of the manuscript. The paper will be published in following edition of online version. Publication online is rapid and continuous, so papers will be published as soon as they are ready.

Q: Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?
Yes, you can submit more than one papers at a time.

Q: What is the frequency of publication of NUIJB?
NUIJB is published continuously four times in a year and normally 1-4 issue per year.

Q: Is there a print version of the journal?
Yes, NUIJB publishes both online and print versions.

Q: What is the peer-review process?
In brief, peer-review is a process utilized by research journals and academic publications to assess the quality and validity of a research manuscript. Because research is often highly specialized and technical, it can be difficult to assess a manuscript without coming from a similar background/area of study. In peer-review, ‘peers’ from the same field of research will evaluate the manuscript under question to give it a fair assessment for publication.