Nangarhar University International Journal of Biosciences (NUIJB) was established in 2022 under Nangarhar University and, It will be published quarterly (four times a year) to provide timely and useful information about Medical sciences, Veterinary sciences, Animal sciences, and Agricultural sciences.

NUIJB has been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

Call For Papers: Volume 03 - Issue 01 : March, 2024

Any topic related to Biosciences (Medical, Veterinary, Animal, and Agricultural Sciences). NUIJB invites Research Scholars and Professors to submit their research / Review Articles for Journal's upcoming issue. The last date for submission is 28th February, 2024.

Volume 02 - Issue 04 - December (2023)

Published: 2023-12-30

Frequency of Post-Partum Hemorrhage and Associated Factors in Primiparous Women

Wahida Ahmady, Mohammad Haroon Rahemi, Orzala Saidal, Mohammad Azim Azimee

Study of Socio-Economic Status and Calf Management Practices Followed by Kunari Cattle Owners in Kunar Province, Afghanistan

Faridullah Safi, Anayetullah Janati, Abdul Rasool Karimy, Imranullah Rodwal, Mir Hatam Niazi

Prevalence of Mortality Following Traumatic Brain Injuries Considering Glasgow Coma Scale – Kabul, Afghanistan

Mohammad Homayun Tawhid, Hashmatullah Rahimi, Mohammad Sadeq Jawhar, Ahmad Fawad Pirzad

Assessment of Theileriosis Prevalence in Goat: A Study in the Central Areas of Khost Province, Afghanistan

Mumtaz Ibrahimi, Sabghatullah Danish, Khalid Basharmal, Rahman Aziz, Hikmatullah Langar

Seroprevalence of Q fever Among Small Ruminants in Herat – Afghanistan

Mohammad Hakim Niazmand, Noor Ali Mohmand, Aziz-ur-Rahman Niazi, Wahidullah Bahear, Hirai Takuya

Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

Atiqullah Afghan, Moazam Haqmal, Mohibullah Samim, Amal Ghosh, Naqibullah Afghan

Detection of Antimicrobial Drug Residues in Raw Cow Milk samples in Logar and Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan

Mohammad Arif Noori, Abdul Saleem Jamily, Sayeed Qadir Danishiar, Sayed Ali Askar Musavi

Effect of Phosphorus and Planting Distance on Corm Production of Saffron (Crocus sativus)

Sayeed Masood, Gul Ahmad Zahiryan, Rohullah Zahiryan, Najibullah Mujadadi

Interplay of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder and Resilience among Earthquake Survivors in Zinda Jan District of Herat Province

Aziz-ur-Rahman Niazi, Mina Alekozay, Noor Ali Mohmand, Sayed Javid Sadat, Ehsan Ahmad Ahmadzadeh, Taiebe Hamedi, Temorshah Rahimi, Abdul Fattah Najm

Effects of Babesiosis on Blood Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of Cows

Mohammad Hamid Kadwal, Najeebullah Faizee, Redwanullah Memlawal, Mohammad Malyar Rahmani

Investigating Breakfast Consumption by Female Students of Herat University

Nasir Ahmad Sahel, Monira Yosufi, Ahmad Shafiq Foshanji, Abdullah Masoumi, Basir Ahmad Rahimi

Prevalence of Foreign Bodies in Cattle Rumen and Reticulum at Herat Slaughterhouse, Afghanistan

Abdullah Tahier, Noor Ali Mohmand, Abdul Qader Pooyan, Mohamad Ehsan Saddiqi`, Ali Tahiri

Coliform Contamination of Raw Beef at the Slaughterhouse and Butchery Levels in Herat City, Afghanistan

Shoib Ahmad Shakhes, Wakil Ahmad Wasim, Zabihullah Nasiry, Nazir Ahmad Tookhy

Different Varieties and Sources of Apples Marketed in Bangalore City

Fahimullah Taeeb, Ahmad Shah Qadari, Mohammad Rahim Rahimi, Zabihullah Bahar

An Analysis of Consumers Preference for Apples in Bangalore City

Fahimullah Taeeb, Mohammad Rahim Rahimi, Ahmad Shah Qadari, Zabihullah Bahar
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