Dr. Ahmad Samir Azimi
Soil Science and Crop Production | University of Göttingen | Germany
✉ ahmadsamir.azimi@gmail.com
Dr. Sayed Jalal Moosavi
Biotechnology, Population Genetics | Forest Genetics | University of Göttingen
✉ sayed.gardizi@gmail.com
Dr. Shafiqullah Aryan
Faculty of Agriculture | Nangarhar University
✉ shafiqaryan@gmail.com
Mr. Mohammad Ismail Sadat
Horticulture (Vegetable Science) | Agriculture Faculty | Nangarhar University
✉ sadat.horts@gmail.com
Dr. Rahmatullah Hashimi
Soil Science | Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology | and Shaikh Zayed University, Agronomy Department, Agriculture Faculty
✉ rhashimiszu@gmail.com
Dr. Sadequllah Ahmadi
Animal Science | Kandahar University and Ibaraki University
✉ sadequllah15@gmail.com
Dr. Shah Masaud Khan
Horticulture | University of Haripur
✉ shahmasaudkhan@gmail.com
Dr. Mohammad Alam Ghoryar
Animal Science Department | Faculty of Agriculture | Herat University
✉ ghoryar@yahoo.com
Dr. Abdul Wasi Amir
Horticulture (Fruit Science) | Faculty of Agriculture | Herat University
✉ wasiamiri_08@yahoo.com
Mr. Safiullah Jauhar
Food Technology | Faculty of Agriculture | Kabul University
✉ safijauhar@ku.edu.af | safijauhar@gmail.com
Mr. Maazullah Nasim
Pomoloyg, Deciduous fruits, RNA, DNA quantification and Quality Analysis, qRT PCR, Molecular Breeding, Fruit Genetics | Faculty of Agriculture | Kabul University
✉ maazullah.nasim@gmail.com
Mr. Rozi Khan Sadiq
Animal Nutrition | Poultry Nutrition | Veterinary Science Faculty | Nangarhar University
✉ rozisadiq2012@gmail.com
Dr. Noor Ali Mohmand
Pathology and Cell Biology | Department of Para Clinic | Herat University
✉ noor_ali_mohmand@med.miyazaki-u.ac.jp
Mr. Enayatullah Hamdard
Animal Genetics, Poultry disease, Poultry Management, Reproduction and Breeding | Pre-Clinic department | Veterinary Science Faculty | Kunduz University
✉ ehamdard1@gmail.com