Feeding Management Practices in Dairy Farms of Herat Province, Afghanistan


Abdul Rasool Karimy
Faridullah Safi
Imranullah Rodwal


Background: Animals require carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health, growth, and reproduction. Insufficient nutrient intake can lead to decreased productivity, deficiency diseases, impaired growth, weight loss, reduced milk production, and affected calf production. Insufficient minerals cause issues like infertility, poor bone growth, and hair/wool loss. Nutritional balance is crucial for animal health and productivity. The research purpose is to assess dairy farming practices and animal management, identifying challenges faced by dairy farmers in selected districts of Herat Province.
Materials and Methods: The research was conducted in Herat Province's five districts, reliable information gathered from 100 randomly selected dairy owners through a systematic questionnaire. Prior to the interviews, the clarity of the questionnaires was ensured, and the respondents were briefed on the study's objective.
Finding: Out of 100 dairy farms studied, only 8% used balanced ration, while the remaining 92% were unaware of it. In spring, green fodder was ranked 1st, followed by straw treet (local ration), plain straw and oil cake ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions, respectively. In summer, green fodder remained 1st, followed by straw treet, plain straw, and hay. In fall, straw treet was ranked 1st, followed by hay, plain straw, and oil cakes. In winter, hay took 1st place, followed by straw treet, plain straw, and oil cakes (2nd, 3rd and 4th), respectively.
Conclusion: Balanced feed was used by only 8% of farmers. Majority of them feed thrice daily and 74% of dairy owners did not feed concentrate. All dairy owners use straw treet to feed their animals, and most of them use straw treet twice daily. During spring and summer season, largest volume of animal feed in most farms comes from green fodder, straw treet, and hay, and it is different in the fall and winter season (more dried forage, straw treet, oil cakes, etc).


Animal feeding, Concentrate, Dairy cow, Dry fodder, Green fodder


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