Prevalence of Foreign Bodies in Cattle Rumen and Reticulum at Herat Slaughterhouse, Afghanistan


Abdullah Tahier
Noor Ali Mohmand
Abdul Qader Pooyan
Mohamad Ehsan Saddiqi`
Ali Tahiri


Background: Cattle in developing countries are at high risk of ingesting foreign objects due to inadequate feeding practices, improper waste disposal, nutritional deficiencies, and poor livestock management. This can cause serious gastrointestinal complications, including obstruction, infection, and perforation. To prevent these issues, livestock producers should focus on providing a balanced diet, improving waste management, enriching pastureland, enhancing supervision, and educating stakeholders. By addressing these factors, farmers can maintain the health and well-being of their cattle.
Materials and Methods: A randomized research study was conducted in Herat, Afghanistan to assess the prevalence of indigestible materials in the fore-stomach (rumen and reticulum) of cattle. A total of 400 healthy cattle of local breeds were slaughtered from April to September 2017. The types of foreign bodies and their prevalence in the rumen and reticulum were determined using IBM Microsoft software SPSS version 26 for analysis.
Findings: Of the 400 cattle randomly selected and examined, 24.25% (97 animals) were found to have indigestible foreign bodies in their forestomach (rumen and reticulum). These foreign bodies were primarily located in the rumen (71%), followed by the reticulum (19%), and both chambers (10%). The most common types of foreign bodies were plastic (78%), clothes (76%), thread (76%), leather (25.7%), metal (18.5%), bone (41.2%), wood (72.1%), and glasses (8.2%). The prevalence of foreign bodies was significantly higher in male cattle (24.56%) compared to female cattle (23.43%). Interestingly, the highest prevalence rate of foreign bodies (51.5%) was observed in cattle with poor body condition.
Conclusion: Foreign body ingestion in cattle can cause serious health risks, including obstruction, infection, perforation, and death. To protect cattle health, clean feed, proper waste disposal, and foreign body removal are essential.


Foreign bodies, Herat Province, Rumen and Reticulum, Slaughterhouse


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Tahier, A., Mohmand, N. A., Pooyan, A. Q., Saddiqi`, M. E., & Tahiri, A. (2023). Prevalence of Foreign Bodies in Cattle Rumen and Reticulum at Herat Slaughterhouse, Afghanistan. NUIJB, 2(04), 130–136. Retrieved from


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