Review on the Synthesis and Biological Importance of Triazole Ring-containing Structures


Hamimullah Watandost
Abdul Wali Atif
Khudaidad Kochai
Ziaullah Ahmadzai
Wali Imam Ulfat


Currently, many organic compounds have been synthesized and identified by chemists in chemical laboratories, numbering in the millions.  The triazole ring is categorized as a subset of organic heterocyclic compounds. It constitutes a significant and extensive subject matter, and an in-depth examination of triazoles and their derivatives can lead to the development of specialized medical and biological chemical agents aimed at preventing a range of diseases.  This article generally has two parts, the first part of the article is dedicated to triazole syntheses, in which the research of different authors is reviewed from 2005 to 2021, and the second part of this article is the biological importance of the triazole ring. Based on the special importance of medicine, we can mention antimicrobial and antifungal drugs that have a high level of medicinal activity. Unfortunately, we don’t have standard chemical labs, to perform experiments. Nowadays, lab researches are replacing one group by another or one atom by another to obtain compound with deferent properties.


1,2,4-Triazole derivatives, Biological activity of triazole, Medicinal importance


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Watandost, H., Atif, A. W., Kochai, K., Ahmadzai, Z., & Ulfat, W. I. (2023). Review on the Synthesis and Biological Importance of Triazole Ring-containing Structures. NUIJB, 2(03), 51–62. Retrieved from


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